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that means for the project's future tonight. mark? >> reporter: well, allen, president obama's budget does contain money to complete the first phase of the bart expansion here to the south bay and civic leaders are optimistic republicans on capitol hill are still vowing a fight over transportation funding. the first phase of the bart extension to the south bay would run for just over 10 miles from fremont to san jose's neighborhoods. the news that the federal transit administration is recommending $130 million in federal funds for the project almost certainly clears the way for construction to begin next year. >> this is tremendous and phenomenal news. >> reporter: the vta is building the extension that bart will operate and maintain. >> this project increases access in and out in santa clara county connecting the three largest areas in the bay area, san francisco, oakland and san jose. increases the access for both employees coming into santa clara county and employees going outside. >> reporter: in 2000 santa clara county voters approved a half cents sales tax to build the bart station t
but he is handing over power. just a short time ago president obama released a statement saying the egyptian government has not seized the opportunity for a path to genuine democracy. simon perez with the latest. >> reporter: president obama isn't the only one disappointed in the president's decision. hundreds of thousands packed into central cairo expecting an end to more than two weeks of protests. president hosni mubarak announcing his resignation. but instead he said he will stay on. pushing some to tears and many more to anger. >> i decided to transfer my powers to the vice president. >> reporter: but that wasn't nearly good enough for the tens of thousands of people packed into tahrir square in cairo they want egyptian president hosni mubarak gone. indeed, rumors flew all day that he would resign. hosni mubarak has been urged by the obama administration to make way for democracy. so explains susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations in san francisco today. >> there needs to be an orderly, prompt and genuine transition to real democracy, not simply a single elec
up. so next week the obama administration is sponsoring a loan modification fair in san jose like others helped around california the last couple of years. homeowners at risk of foreclosures can meet face-to- face with 16 mortgage servers. the one-day event is scheduled for next thursday, february 24th at the san jose convention center. and remember if you have a consumer complaint give us a call. 888-5 helps you. >> high interest rate sold out. >> people chomping at the bit to pay 59% interest. >> i'm feeling skeptical about that. >> we are used to the prepaid credit card story and there are all of those fees. people are saying i can't get a credit card any other way. >> maybe that's it. >> pay it on time. >> you have to. then you won't have that problem. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >>> well, it is a little bit of magic right in your backyard. but keith madison wants to know why do compost piles heat up. ken bastida heats up with tonight's good question. >> stick your hand way down inside here. >> you can feel it. >> i can feel some heat. >> exactly. >> carbon, nitrogen, and wa
of the economy, they are miles apart. president obama and the u.s. chamber of commerce are geographic neighbors in washington, d.c. today the president walked over to pay a visit. alexis christopher on his call for a new partnership. >> reporter: president obama walked the block to the chamber of commerce for a neighbor of business leaders. >> maybe if i had brought over a fruit cake when i first moved in we would have got off to a better start. >> reporter: they have butted heads over financial regulations and the healthcare overhaul. now both sides are looking to work together. >> i have got one message. my message is now is the time to invest in america. >> reporter: president obama argued businesses have a responsibility to help the u.s. economy. he called on executives to start using the nearly $2 trillion on their balance sheets to create jobs. the president pledged to help american businesses compete with a change in the corporate tax code and a push for more exports. but he warned that shouldn't translate into more record wall street profits and big bonuses. >> they have to be shared by
marriage act. but tonight in a sudden change of white house policy president obama took that law and hung it out to dry. k cbs radio has more on the president's decision. >> dana today what president obama did was decided the defensive marriage act is unconstitutional so they will no longer defend it in court. in states where same-sex marriage is legal they can sue the federal government for benefits and they will win because the federal government won't put up a fine. diane finestein will introduce a bill to repeal the defensive marriage act. in san francisco today, the gay couples who are trying to overturn california's proposition 8 asked the 9th circuit court of appeals to lift its stay on same-sex marriage in california and let those marriages resume now because they say the appeals process is just going to dragon too long perhaps another year. dana, those couples are encouraged by what president obama did today. they think the presidential decision could influence the federal courts eventually to rule in their favor. >> doug, i am wondering what the response in this is within the ga
are watching. >> it is not how president hosni mubarak or the military views how president obama treats him and the regime but also how other allies in the region view uz staying power and fidelity. >> reporter: protestors urged problem to go farther. >> tell president hosni mubarak you have to leave. in one second. >> reporter: nearly 2000 u.s. citizens have been evacuated from egypt and among them 19 students from ucla who were studying archaeology. now the state department says it will carry out more evacuations tomorrow. dana? >>> well, for the first time since taking the post california's new chief justice held her first press briefing today. as simon perez tells us, it was her opportunity to explain some of the issues facing the court including what she wants from governor jerry brown. >> so i will take questions. >> reporter: in her first sit down with the media since taking over as chief justice of the california supreme court last month she defended the role the courts play in the initiative process. for example, proposition 8 which confirms marriages in california are only between
obama said it is time for stronger action against gadaffi. >> whatever your course, let us be mindful of the urgency of the moments. in this circumstances, the loss of time means more loss of lives. >> reporter: also friday the white house announced sanctions against libya and that operations at the u.s. embassy there have been suspended. in washington, i'm samantha hayes. >>> people waited years for it. the new iphone on a new carrier. turns out all that newness comes with the same old problem. >>> the world champion giants playing their first game of spring and which nfl quarterback made his decision to stay at stanford? that's coming up. >>> this bay area couple got a surprise diagnosis. what factors are affecting wannabe dads. >> you can bring a spring count to zero. >> coming up next. ,,,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll lov
delivery on capitol hill was president obama's $3.4 trillion budget. republicans ripped into for spending, and borrowing too much. the president was pitching his plan in a baltimore area classroom. the president is predicting a $1.65 trillion deficit this year. and more than a trillion in red ink in 2012. those numbers include an $80 billion cut at the pentagon and reductions at other city agencies. >> even though we cut out things we can afford to do without. we have an obligation to invest in those areas that will have our biggest impact in our future. >> reporter: republicans want much deeper reductions but the biggest question is where to make those cuts. >> i borrow my own bank because we don't have the budget in our classroom. >> reporter: so cutting more for you would be -- >> it would be ludacris. >> reporter: both sides agree painful cuts are needed to get the budget back on track but with no agreement on what to cut, capitol hill budget battles are likely to last for months. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >>> breaking news on the peninsula. these are fire crews that are moppi
on a bachelor arts degree. >> did he not have a sentence commuted. any chance the obama administration might do you that. >> they would be committing political suicide. 20-year sentence starting in 2002. he could get out a bit sooner based on good behavior and other things. >> thank you. >>> for a lot of people battling cancer it is one of the hardest side effects. chemo therapy. >> sometimes you lose that sense of being a woman. >> now a device that stops hair from falling out. how it is working for some bay area patients. >> he saw me dragging in week after week. you better get tested. >>> like many people she suffered for years before she even knew she was sick. how this week's jefferson award winner is fighting back against a largely misunderstood disease. >>> an expensive baseball that spews hatred of the giants. i'm dennis o'donnell. a local football star says no to stanford but the reason he said no might surprise you coming up. ut that,,,,,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffe
the nissan lease and chevy volt, there will be ford vehicles and a hyundai model. remember president obama has set a goal of having 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. believe me, this is going to be a quaint scene, nobody using an electric car charging point. >> so let me ask you in the meantime though, len, this charging station, is it free to the car owner? >> reporter: no, you have to pay for the electricity but what they are doing -- what this grant enabled them is to set these up for free. >> got it. >> reporter: basically cities won't have to pay for this pole and light standard and things like that, but the electricity will have to be charged for each individual user through their credit card. >> i just wondered. darn. okay. len ramirez in san jose. thank you. >>> well, a new controversy is following the salary scandal in the city of bell. a city councilman there says his colleagues are holding the city hostage because they keep calling in sick. dave lopez explains what is being done to get the council to show up to work. >> reporter: the only member of bell city council w
on behalf of the larger population, the egyptian population. >> president obama has to call for a change. he wants good things for a change. this is change. >> you have no right. i believe the president does not -- he is not fit to be president. but still we have to give him the time to walk out. >> reporter: this isn't the first time technology has helped organize sentiments around the world. but during the iranian uprising two months ago this video went viral and drew worldwide condemnation. and during the earth convey in haiti last year cell phone companies set up specific texting systems to allow you to donate $10 to haiti straight from your cell phone. to the people of egypt. >> it feels like they are not alone. in this day and age, egypt is a very connected company so for them to have no internet access might feel incredibly isolating. so to know that there are this community of companies and companies in the united states that want you to help you get your voice heard is probably a really good feeling, i'm sure. >> reporter: interestingly, these messages are really just going one way
president obama's agenda has merits. >> the future might show that the democracy is something which the whole arab world would like. >> reporter: he cautions democracy is only as positive as it provides for the people. >> the president has been a friend for the united states but he has to do his job. if you look at the profile of that 30 years what he did, he was unfortunately not successful in bringing jobs and giving happiness. >> reporter: now, the most interesting comments that both said this is not about religious. instead it is about democracy. they said left, right, religious and secular are all united behind one thing and that is to get rid of the president. >> very trying times no doubt for the people here watching what's going on there. >> very difficult to see all of these things on t.v., sure. >> absolutely. simon perez, thank you. >>> he was an investigator who mastered wall street but lost the battle with a brain tumour. now in death he has some advice for you. the simple mom -- money rules he left behind in a concise 66 pages. >> and at a california zoo forbidden love
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12